John Schröder

The last CD of album of multi-talented musician from Berlin, John Schröder, was just out two months ago. We can hear him as a piano player and composer, leading an impressive quartet.

Do you remember the first thing you heard, your first musical emotion, first interest in music ?

When I was 11 or 12 I started to like Rainbow and Deep Purple !

I met you as the drummer of Daniel Erdmann's quartet, Erdmann 3000, heard you playing the piano with your own quartet and I know you're also a guitarist. Was it something natural to learn all these instruments in the way you came to music ?

I learned classical piano, guitar and my father was a jazz-drummer so somehow one thing led to another...!

I imagine it's very interesting to understand, technically speaking, what the other musicians are playing...

Let's say it helps to understand music more from the 'inside'...

... especialy to write music. You composed all the pieces of your last CD, "Sir Lemuel's dance". Is it very different to think as a composer compared to an improviser ?

Composing is like a 'slow-motion' version of improvisation, in some respect !

To be a musician in Berlin : how is it like ? It seems to be one of the most interesting place in Europe for improvised musics...

Yes, it's very dynamic with lots of fluctuation, which makes it very interesting.

What kind of music are you listen nowadays ?

Everything between jazz and contemporary music.

Is there any young (or not !) musician you discovered recently (or not !) you want to talk about ?

Christian Lillinger.....great talent, very personal !

Are you interested in other art forms ?

Film and especially photography (which I'm very much into myself at the moment !)

What is your most important musical or artistic emotion you ever felt ?

Listening to Coltrane, Miles, Wes Montgomery and John McLaughlin...!

Next gigs ? CDs ? Projects in mind ?

Planning a tour with the Quartet in spring/fall 2009...

Interview by Pierre Villeret