Soprano & Alto Saxophones, Nai & Shakuhachi Flutes, Voice, Piano, Synthesizer, Cello, Sanza, Mizmars, Moursin, Drums.

“Good music is a source of pleasure, inspiration, energy and good health. As all musicians instinctively know, creating music brings us optimum health and well-being. In formerly organic societies everyone enjoyed these benefits through the fusion of spirit and energy in music, singing and dance. I believe that everyone is eligible to dedicate their time to worshipping life with sound, to worshipping sound with sound…” – Kali Z. Fasteau

Kali Z. Fasteau comes from a musical family, playing piano, cello, flute and voice since earlychildhood in Paris and New York . After her university training in World Music and Jazz, she traveled for fourteen years, living in India (1981-83), Turkey (1976-77), Nepal, Morocco, Senegal, Congo, Italy, Holland, France, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Germany, Greece, Haiti and America, performing in many festivals, concerts, radio, television and film soundtracks. Her recording and performing associates include: Donald Rafael Garrett, William Parker, Archie Shepp, Rashied Ali, Kidd Jordan, Joe McPhee, Beaver Harris, Hamid Drake, Oliver Lake, Joseph Jarman, Warren Smith, Bobby Few, Noah Howard, Andrew Cyrille, Sabir Mateen and many others. Kali. Z. has led her ensembles at New York ‘s Town Hall, Lincoln Center and Guggenheim Museum , the Museum of Modern Art in Paris , the Museum Theatre in Chennai ( Madras ), India , the National Museum of Haiti, Boston Center for the Arts, and hundreds of other noted venues worldwide.

Kali Z has a musical sensibility which is a mélange of the musical influences that she’s absorbed from living and touring all over the world, with a very discernible jazz element. Listen to the music and you’ll know. And the fact that she plays so many instruments with equal dexterity is amazing. It’s quite an experience to listen to Kali Z. play the saxophone on one piece, drums on the next, and shift to cello on yet another. Even the line-up of musicians changes from one piece to another.

Kali Z’s first recording goes back to We Move Together on ESPdisk recorded in 1974 with her late husband Donald Rafael Garrett. The duo was called The Sea Ensemble. Each of the eight albums on Kali Z’s own Flying Note label is a beauty with Memoirs of a Dream deserving special mention. This double album documents a studio recording of the Sea Ensemble from 1975 and a live recording from 1977. On this album one gets the privilege of listening to the two wonderful musicians on a host of instruments and especially the big sound of Rafael Garrett’s contrabass.

Here I’d be amiss not to furnish information about Donald Rafael Garrett, a great unsung musician, on whom details are really hard to come by.

Taran Singh

Selected discography :

Kali Z. Fasteau: MAKING WAVES;  Flying Note Records CD 9010 *New Release !
Kali Z. Fasteau: ONENESS; Flying Note Records CD 9009  
Kali Z. Fasteau: VIVID; Flying Note Records CD 9007
Kali Z. Fasteau: COMRADERIE; Flying Note Records CD 9006
Kali Z. Fasteau: SENSUAL HEARING; Flying Note Records CD 9005
Kali Z. Fasteau: EXPATRIATE KIN; CIMP #140
Kali Z. Fasteau: PROPHECY: The Whale & the Elephant Trade Notes on the State of the World; Flying Note CD 9003
Kali Z. Fasteau: WORLDS BEYOND WORDS; Flying Note Records CD 9001
Kali Z. Fasteau: AFFINITY; Flying Note Records 6003
Kali Z. Fasteau: BEYOND WORDS; Flying Note Records 7003
Kali Z. Fasteau: BLISS; Flying Note Records 6001
Kali Z. Fasteau & Rafael Garrett: MEMOIRS OF A DREAM; Flying Note Double CD 9008
Kali Z. Fasteau & Rafael Garrett: AFTER NATURE; Red Records
Kali Z. Fasteau & Rafael Garrett: MANZARA; Red Records
Kali Z. Fasteau & Rafael Garrett: WE MOVE TOGETHER; ESP-Disk


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